Used ENI LPG-2AT #9182201 for sale

ID: 9182201
RF Generator.
ENI LPG-2AT power supply is a high-end, double output laboratory grade power supply. It is a regulated, adjustable, programmable, and versatile tool for research and development laboratories. This power supply has a single output of up to 200V or 28A of continuous current and a second output of 5V or 1A of continuous current. It is a compact, lightweight and robust design making it the perfect solution for limited space applications. Its main features include: High-resolution digital display: It features a 3 digit LED display displaying voltage and current values at the same time for high-precision regulation. Adjustable voltage and current: It can be adjusted to any desired voltage and current value within ±0.02% accuracy range. Protection circuits: It has advanced electronic current cushion circuits to prevent over voltage and current that could lead to a dangerous situation during development. Programmable functions: Through its serial port, you can access a variety of test commands to enhance the accuracy and repeatability of your experiments. High efficiency: This power supply also offers a high efficiency factor. The efficiency factor in control mode varies between 85 and 92%. Compact design: This power supply has a compact and robust housing that can be easily accommodated in any lab environment. Multiple protection features: It supports universal input, over voltage, over current, over temperature, and current limited protection features to ultimate protect your experiments from hazards. Power saving mode: The power saving mode helps to reduce the internal operation power and maximize the performance of your experiments. LPG-2AT power supply is ideal for research and development work in chemical, academic, industrial, and electronics laboratories. Due to its precise and reliable output, it is useful for a variety of applications, such as regulator testing for laboratory and production purposes, component testing, electronic prototyping, CNC control system testing, and educational use.
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