Used ENI LPG-3AT #9182202 for sale

ID: 9182202
RF Generator.
ENI LPG-3AT is an alternating current (AC) power supply designed to provide a robust and reliable source of power. It features an advanced switching power supply design, an isolated output voltage, and a wide range of adjustable voltage and current ratings. With a maximum output of 28 volts and 3.4 amps, LPG-3AT is an excellent choice for powering an array of applications such as laboratory testing, industrial automation, and other equipment requiring precise control of power levels. ENI LPG-3AT is a single-output switch mode power supply, featuring a single pulse-width modulated (PWM) circuit. Utilizing pulse-width modulation, this power supply has a high-efficiency rate of over 88%. The output voltage is adjustable via a two-stage potentiometer on the front panel and the output current has a range of 0 to 3.4A with an accuracy of ±2%. LPG-3AT power supply also features over-current and over-temperature protection to ensure your valuable equipment is safe. ENI LPG-3AT AC power supply has a wide operating temperature range, from -4°F up to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C). Its sturdy casing is designed to dissipate heat quickly and prevent the unit from becoming too hot while in use. The power supply also has a high efficiency, ensuring that it uses less energy and produces less heat than similar models. Safety is a priority with LPG-3AT AC power supply, as it meets all UL, CSA, and IEC standards. Its built-in over-current and over-temperature protection will protect your equipment in the event of excessive current draw. The power supply also features a ground-fault interrupter (GFI) and surge-protection circuitry, protecting your devices from potentially damaging electrical surges. Finally, ENI LPG-3AT AC power supply is incredibly easy to use. Just plug the power cord into the unit and you're ready to power your system. A three-LED readout indicates the power status and its seven-foot power cord gives you plenty of reach. All in all, LPG-3AT is a great choice for powering a variety of applications with both reliability and safety.
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