Used ENI LPG-6 #9172416 for sale

ID: 9172416
RF Generator.
ENI LPG-6 is an industrial grade power supply designed to meet the needs of medium to high power consumers. It is housed in a NEMA 4/ IP20 enclosure and provides reliable power for many different types of electrical systems. The main features of LPG-6 power supply include a wide input voltage range of 120-240VAC, an input frequency of 50/60 Hz and an output voltage of 6V. This power supply has a high load capability of 4A and a maximum current output of 6A. In addition, it provides a built-in overload and overvoltage protection with a LED indicator for improved safety and performance. ENI LPG-6 is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including industrial automation systems, test equipment, medical instruments, and numerous other controlled apparatus. It offers an affordable power solution and is designed to be durable and reliable. This power supply includes a pulse width modulation (PWM) output type and is highly efficient due to its high system power factor and high power conversion efficiency. The PWM output type ensures stable voltage, while the high power factor allows the transformer core to be smaller in size and makes it extremely energy efficient. The design helps reduce power losses and improve overall energy efficiency. LPG-6 also has excellent thermal dissipation characteristics. Its large aluminum rods dissipate heat quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the device remains stable even when operating in high temperature environments. Its fanless design helps increase component life and reduce maintenance costs. ENI LPG-6 is also highly reliable thanks to its robust construction and design. It is built with fireproof material to ensure the highest possible safety standards. It is FCC and UL listed, making it appropriate for use within the United States. Finally, LPG-6 power supply is easy to install and maintain. It comes with a slim shape, and it is compact and lightweight ideal for a variety of spaces. With its superior performance, reliable power, and safety features, ENI LPG-6 is an excellent choice for providing reliable power to a range of applications.
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