Used ENI LPG-6AT #9182203 for sale

ID: 9182203
RF Generators.
ENI LPG-6AT power supply is a reliable source of DC voltage that is ideal for a variety of applications such as instrumentation, medical, and industrial automation. This power supply has a very high output power capability (6A to 25V) and a low ripple and noise characteristic. It incorporates continuous output-voltage tracking protection, which allows the voltage output to track the actual line voltage. LPG-6AT is designed to meet the most stringent safety requirements and is UL Recognized, CE compliant, and meets EN 61000-3-2 harmonics standards. It is enclosed in a flame retardant plastic case which is ventilated to allow adequate air circulation for heat dissipation. The power supply is also built with over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and under voltage protection. The circuit employs no load shutdown to reduce power consumption and can be easily used with a standard switched mode power supply. Other features of ENI LPG-6AT include a short-circuit proof active current limitation, an electronic overload protection circuit that prevents overloading of the power supply and an array of LEDs that indicate the status of the unit. The power supply is further equipped with thermal protection against over temperature conditions. LPG-6AT is also energy efficient, consuming up to 75% less power consumption than conventional power supplies. ENI LPG-6AT is the perfect choice for applications that require a stable and reliable power supply. Its robust design and high power capabilities make it suitable for various industrial and medical applications. LPG-6AT is also highly efficient in terms of energy consumption and regenerative losses. ENI LPG-6AT power supply is a great option for applications in need of a reliable power source.
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