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ENI LPG-6T is an innovative, green power supply solution from ENI, a leader in turnkey power solutions. LPG-6T provides reliable, economical, clean, and green DC power for a wide variety of needs in industrial applications. This advanced power supply features high efficiency and adjustable output voltage and current with superior reliability. ENI LPG-6T offers a wide input voltage range of 85VAC to 260VAC, making it suitable for both domestic and international usage. It also features over-voltage, overload, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection, ensuring a steady flow of power. The wide output voltage range of 5V to 48V DC provides versatility for powering medium to high-power applications. LPG-6T has an output capacity of up to 6,000 watts and can support a maximum current of up to 100 amperes. The power supply also features a unique potted power transformer design that helps minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and allows flexibility to interface with a variety of communication solutions. ENI LPG-6T has been designed with energy-saving practices in mind, providing up to 92% efficiency and helping to reduce heat generation. This helps reduce costs and extend the life of the power supply, as well as reduce the amount of wasted energy. Additionally, LPG-6T complies with ENERGY STAR and meets EU RoHS standards, making it environmentally friendly. Furthermore, ENI LPG-6T is UL approved, ensuring reliable safety and performance. With its low ripple noise and high MTBF rating of over 500,000 hours, LPG-6T is a reliable, long-lasting solution to powering a variety of applications. ENI LPG-6T is the ideal choice for powering demanding applications that use medium to high-power loads. It provides flexible output voltage and current capabilities and offers exceptional reliability and efficiency. With its ENERGY STAR compliance and eco-friendly design, LPG-6T is the perfect power solution for industrial applications.
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