Used ENI MWD-25LD #9171071 for sale

ID: 9171071
Impedance matching network P/N: MWD-25LD-06M3.
ENI MWD-25LD is a high-power, high efficiency power supply designed for use in data centers, control rooms, and other commercial and industrial applications. The product features a 25A @ 28Vdc output voltage, an 86% efficiency rating, and a wide temperature range of 0 to +50 °C. MWD-25LD is designed for reliability, longevity, and ease-of-use. It is made of premium components and utilizes an advanced digital control system for precise output voltage and current. The device also features a full range of diagnostic indicators, including power on, overvoltage, under voltage, over current, and thermal protection. Additionally, power on and protection current are adjustable from zero to 9A in intervals of 0.5A. The unit can also be used in a master/remote configuration to provide distributed power management. On the safety side, ENI MWD-25LD includes several input and output surge protection options, a built-in EMC filter in the AC input, and RoHS compliant construction. The device comes with an auto-recovery function in both the event of an over voltage or over current condition. Furthermore, MWD-25LD also includes international safety and EMC certificates, including UL, TUV, and CE certification. In terms of design, ENI MWD-25LD is built with a full metal case and can mount in a 19-inch rack or directly to a wall. The unit is also noise free and UL Class B compliant. In terms of installation and maintenance the device is plug-and-play, which means it can be easily connected to a power source and controlled via four built-in LED indicators. Overall, MWD-25LD is a reliable and durable power supply designed to accurately and consistently provide power in any commercial, industrial, or data center environment. With built-in surge, EMC, and safety protection, as well as a wide range of diagnostic indicators, the product is a cost-effective, high-performance power solution.
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