Used ENI MWD-55LD #9171070 for sale

ID: 9171070
Matching network P/N: MWD-55LD-02.
ENI MWD-55LD is a switched-mode power supply that offers users a powerful and reliable source of energy. It provides an efficient output with features specifically designed for a variety of applications, making it an ideal choice for powering sensitive electronics. MWD-55LD is an AC/DC switching power supply that provides controlled power for industrial and medical applications, including robotics and multimedia. It offers an output voltage of up to 55 volts, with highly accurate regulation capabilities that ensures reliable operation and steady output levels. The adjustable current limit allows users to adjust the output voltage to their desired value, making it perfect for applications where precision is a must. It's built with highly efficient components, including a synchronous rectification circuit and high-quality components. These components ensure that the AC-to-DC conversion process is efficient and reliable, reducing power loss and providing higher levels of efficiency. ENI MWD-55LD also features automatic voltage regulation, so it can handle trips and surges of up to 600 volts without any permanent damage. The device features built-in protection features, including an over-temperature alarm and over-voltage trip, so users can trust that their device is protected when using it. Furthermore, it is capable of providing up to 100 amps of reliable current for a wide range of applications. Given its features, performance, and reliability, MWD-55LD offers users a reliable source of power, and the adjustable current limit makes it ideal for powering medium to large electronics. Its high efficiency and protection features ensure that it will deliver reliable performance in a wide range of tasks.
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