Used ENI OB1-R02(M) #9183599 for sale

ID: 9183599
RF Generator.
ENI Model OB1-R02(M) is a reliable, robust power supply used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. It provides a constant voltage, adjustable output overhead rated at up to 15 Amperes. The power supply offers both regulated and switch-mode operation, giving it greater range and flexibility. The OB1-R02(M) is capable of powering a wide variety of devices, including household appliances, lighting, and computers. It is available in two formats, either with an adjustable DC voltage or a fixed AC voltage, which helps to save money in the long-term, as it negates the need to buy separate power supplies for different devices. The device itself is relatively lightweight, measuring just 10.5" in length and 4.5" in width, which means it is small enough to be mounted inside most equipment. It is also housed in a durable and robust metal casing, designed to withstand shock, vibration, and temperature fluctuations. The unit has full overload protection, with a built-in over- temperature protection system. This means it is able to prevent the unit from overheating, whilst keeping an uninterrupted output of the necessary electricity. In addition, it also has a built-in safety circuit, to provide additional protection against electrical accidents and the like. The voltage setting is also easily adjustable, thanks to the two trim-potentiometers located on the rear of the unit. This allows for the voltage to be tweaked, in increments of 1.25V, for greater control of the output power. The OB1-R02(M) is very straightforward to install, with only three wires needed for connection. This helps keep the installation process linear and simple. The unit is also CE, TUV, UL, and RoHS compliant, meaning it can be used in most industrial environments. Overall, ENI Model OB1-R02(M) is an excellent choice for industrial and commercial applications. Its robust construction, adjustable voltage, and protective features make it a reliable and reliable choice for anyone looking for a reliable source of power.
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