Used ENI OB1 #9171080 for sale

ID: 9171080
RF Generators 27 Mhz 2 Mhz P/N: 000-1093-77R 000-1093-076.
ENI OB1 is an advanced power supply that is designed for safety and quality assurance, even in demanding applications such as industrial automation and process control. This power supply is constructed with an advanced Eltek Rectifier system, which provides a safe, regulated output voltage for a variety of applications. This rectifier system uses a junction-isolated design that allows for the implementation of a variety of power protection features, such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and undervoltage protection. OB1 is available in a wide range of models with power output from 4kVA to 160kVA, allowing users to select the best solution for their application. Additionally, the power supply features a wide operating temperature range from -40°C up to +50°C and comes with a full environmental protection rating for indoor and outdoor use. ENI OB1 is equipped with design features that enable continuous self-testing to ensure the highest quality of operation. These features can provide continuous current and overload monitoring, as well as protection against reverse polarity and short circuit. In addition, OB1 comes with an external Digital Network Interface (DNI) for remote monitoring capabilities. ENI OB1 features a modular design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. It comes with quick-release screws for quick installation, as well as a variety of accessories. The power supply also comes with removable metal covers and custom openings for easy access in case of maintenance or troubleshooting. OB1 comes with a range of advanced control and communication capabilities. It supports an RS485/232 interface, which is used for communication and remote control. It supports Modbus, CANopen and Profibus protocols for controlling and monitoring the power supply from an external device. Additionally, it comes with a digital display for displaying diagnostic information and for manual control via a keypad. Overall, ENI OB1 is an advanced power supply system designed for safety and efficiency, even in tough industrial applications. It features a wide range of models, a wide operating temperature range, advanced protection features, and a range of communication and control capabilities. This makes OB1 an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications.
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