Used ENI OEM-1250-01 #9158368 for sale

ENI OEM-1250-01
ID: 9158368
Vintage: 2004
RF Generators 2004 vintage.
ENI OEM-1250-01 is a powerful and reliable power supply unit designed to provide reliable, high-current supply for electronics and electrical systems. This single-output, DC regulated switching power supply has a nominal output voltage of 12V and a maximum current of 50A. The power unit incorporates an integrated heat-sink to dissipate generated energy and avoid overheating. It is designed for high-efficiency operations even at moderate ambient temperatures. The input supply requirements for OEM-1250-01 are 115/230VAC, 47-440Hz. The form factor is designed to fit into 19" rack mount cabinets, and the unit is rated for encapsulated mounting in restricted spaces. For ensured protection of your equipment, the power supply incorporates an overload shutoff, short-circuit protection, and overvoltage protection. The cooling system of ENI OEM-1250-01 is designed to maximize the life of the power supply by ensuring the reduction in heat accumulation. The unit has a cooling fan for efficient airflow. The over temperature shutoff feature ensures device protection, and the power on light indicates if an operating system is available. A variety of line and load regulation makes OEM-1250-01 one of the most versatile power supplies for both home and commercial use. Line regulation is at 0.1 % maximum, load regulation as 0.03%. With rise times of less than 100 us, the unit has fast response time and provides stable power throughout its lifespan. The total harmonic distortion (THD) for the supply is 0.1%. ENI OEM-1250-01 also has a wide range of safety and environmental certifications, including UL, TUV, CE, CCC, and RoHS. The unit is fully compliant with RoHS for the prevention of hazardous substances. Remote control of the on/off is possible by an external control with a shutoff function. OEM-1250-01 is an ideal power solution for applications that require reliable, regulated, high-current DC power. With its robust and efficient design, it can easily be used to power all types of machines and equipment. It also remains an ideal solution for testing and calibration purposes as the power quality of the output is unparalleled. ENI OEM-1250-01 is the go-to power supply for all your heavy-duty electronics and electrical current requirements.
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