Used ENI OEM-12B-02 #9177424 for sale

ENI OEM-12B-02
ID: 9177424
RF Generator.
ENI OEM-12B-02 is a single output adjustable power supply designed for desktop, server and other electronic device applications. This laboratory-grade power supply has a maximum output power of 12V at 2.5A. It is of high quality and durable, featuring adjustable voltage, adjustable current with tight voltage and current regulation, and over current protection. This power supply is enclosed in a compact, lightweight aluminum enclosure which occupies minimal space. ENI OEM 12B-02 power supply offers independent DC voltage and current adjustment with 10-turn potentiometers. The voltage range is adjustable from 4.75V to 12V and the current range is adjustable from 0.5A to 2.5A. The output is maintained with tight regulation (voltage & current) across the full load range, so it can accurately transmit power to any connected device. This power supply also features over-current protection to ensure the integrity of the output circuit. OEM 12B 02 offers a dual cooling system using air and housing to ensure optimum performance even in harsh environments. It also has an on/off switch and LED indicator which allows users to monitor the operating status with ease. It has wide range of input voltage from 90-265V and is RoHS and FCC compliant for safe operation. OEM 12B-02 is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective power solution for powering desktop, servers and other electronic devices.
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