Used ENI OEM-12z #9177221 for sale

ID: 9177221
RF Generator.
ENI OEM-12z is one of the most reliable power supplies in the industry. This low-profile AC-DC regulated switching power supply is compatible with 12V output worldwide, suppressing interference with the system and maintaining high efficiency and reliability. OEM-12z sports a thermally optimized design with a slim profile for use in limited-space applications. Its features include a built-in active power factor correction (PFC) circuit and LED indicator to help identify and correct errors. ENI OEM-12z has an input voltage range of 100-240 VAC and a frequency range of 47-63Hz, with a maximum power consumption of 132W. It also includes a full suite of protections, including over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, and over current protection. The small form factor of OEM-12z makes it ideal for use in industrial control systems, telecommunications, and automotive engineering applications. It is certifiably compliant to FCC class A, CCC, CE, EMI standards, IEC 60601, and more. The unit comes with a built-in remote on/off control and conformal coating for harsh environments, while its efficient energy consumption ensures low operation cost. Its universal AC input and DC output are specifically compatible with varying electric standards globally. ENI OEM-12z comes in enclosed plastic and metal cases with single and redundant configurations. The single configuration comes with a maximum capacity of 800 W, while the redundant configuration offers up to 2000 W capacity. As such, this type of power supply offers an appropriate option for applications requiring a wide range of power sources. Overall, OEM-12z is an efficient and reliable power supply designed for an array of hard-working industrial applications. Whether it's a singular device or a rackmount system, it's a cost-efficient choice for any electrical circuits.
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