Used ENI OEM 25XL #9182195 for sale

ID: 9182195
Vintage: 1993
Power supply.
ENI OEM 25XL is an industrial-grade, linear-style power supply designed for industrial and commercial needs. This product is designed to deliver clean, reliable power to a wide range of equipment types. It features an extra-large, 25-amp current rating that is suitable for medium and heavy-duty applications. ENI OEM-25XL is designed to be used for medium to heavy loads in environments that require power conditioning. It features a full-range active power factor correction that helps to correct power line noise and increase the power output efficiency. In addition, the power supply features four outputs with adjustable voltages from 2-30 volts, providing a wide range of supply needs. OEM-25-XL is constructed out of robust aluminum housing and components, making it a rugged and reliable power supply for industrial applications. The power supply also features over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and overload protections for added safety. It also has active current-limiting features, which help protect the system from sudden voltage spikes and current overloads. OEM 25XL is designed for use in many applications, including power supplies for computers, communications systems, industrial controls, medical systems, and audio systems. It is suitable for use in commercial, industrial, and medical applications, and is designed for reliability and dependability. Overall, OEM-25XL is an advanced, reliable, and powerful power supply that is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. It features a full-range active power factor correction, multiple adjustable output settings, and protection against overvoltages, undervoltages, and short-circuits. The robust aluminum design and construction make it a reliable and durable power supply for any application.
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