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OEM 50
ID: 9182192
RF Generator.
ENI OEM 50 is a power supply produced by ENI Power. It is a reliable, single-phase, 50 kVA device made for industrial and enterprise applications. This device has a compact design, low noise, and low weight, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of power sources. The power supply utilizes state-of-the-art switching technology for efficiency and to reduce overall power consumption, and is engineered to be dust resistant and designed to be IP20 protection rated against dust. This power supply is UL approved and ENI certified with a capacity of up to 50 kVA, making it ideal for use in various industrial and enterprise applications. In addition, ENI OEM-50 is designed to be reliable even in cases of short circuits, overloads, and overvoltages. The power supply features a wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 60°C, and is designed to be highly adaptive to changes in temperature and environment. This device is also highly efficient, with an average efficiency rating of up to 95%, allowing it to be used in a variety of energy-conscious applications. Furthermore, OEM 50 has an overvoltage protection range of 165-275V so that it can be used in both the overload and the overvoltage states. When it comes to performance, OEM-50 has a response time of less than 0.2 milliseconds and a ripple of less than 2% making it extremely reliable and fast when compared to other power supplies. The power supply also features a high power factor of up to 0.95, meaning that the device can operate more efficiently while using less power from the outlet. In addition, the power supply has a zero-load power draw of less than 1.5W with a 220V input and no load, making it very efficient when compared to other types of power supplies. ENI OEM 50 is designed with safety in mind, coming with a variety of protective layers such as thermal protection, EMC protection, and output overvoltage protection. In addition, the device also features neutral earthing for increased protection against any incorrect wiring. Furthermore, ENI OEM-50 features a 16-inch rear panel on which there are a variety of accessible ports so that power connection is simpler and quicker. Overall, OEM 50 is a powerful, reliable and efficient power supply, and is a great choice for a variety of industrial and enterprise applications. It is UL approved, certified and comes with a wide range of protective features, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of installations.
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