Used ENI OEM 6B #9182199 for sale

ID: 9182199
RF Generator.
ENI OEM 6B is a versatile and reliable power supply designed for advanced instrumentation applications. This switch-mode power supply provides regulated DC output with optimal power, voltage, and current regulation. The unit features a universal input for worldwide use, as well as adjustable output voltage and current adjustments. The power supply's compact and rugged design makes it ideal for OEM instrumentation applications. ENI OEM-6B has a universal input of 90-264VAC or 120-375VDC as well as a wide output voltage range of 0-100V up to 0-50A or 0-100A. The highly efficient design of the unit ensures minimal power loses and a high power density, which allows for tighter packaging requirements. The unit also features overload and short-circuit protection for added safety and reliability. The power supply is certified to various safety standards including UL, cUL, TÜV, and CCC for use in worldwide OEM applications. OEM 6B is equipped with onboard analog controls which allow for fine voltage regulation. An integrated module provides an isolated input/output design, with additional protection from surges and spikes. The unit also features low line and load regulation with +/- 0.2% DC accuracy. Other features include an RS-232 interface, remote on/off control, and a self-protecting fanless electronics design. The unit has up to 11 digital measurement and control signals, along with digital LEDs for indicating power, over-temperature, and overload conditions. The power supply can also be connected in series and parallel arrangements for greater output current up to 600A. Furthermore, the unit has an integrated LCD screen for reading output data without the need of additional instruments, such as meters or oscilloscopes. OEM-6B power supply provides reliable and high performance power delivery for a variety of instrumentation applications. This switch-mode power supply has a universal input for worldwide use, adjustable output voltage and current ranges, and a wide array of safety features. It is an ideal choice for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking for a versatile and energy-efficient solution for their instrumentation applications.
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