Used ENI Plasmaloc 2-HF #9170769 for sale

Plasmaloc 2-HF
ID: 9170769
Low frequency generator Voltage: 115 V Frequency: 450 kHz.
ENI Plasmaloc 2-HF is a high frequency power supply designed for operation with pulsed and CW laser systems. It is a DC-DC power supply with an adjustable input/output voltage range from 0-50V. This power supply utilizes a resonant PWM (pulse width modulation) control method to provide excellent stability at high frequencies. ENI PLASMALOC-2HF has enhanced cooling for improved heat dissipation and long term reliability. It features a voltage and current regulation range suitable for powering many types of lasers and other precision equipment. The power supply has an input noise rejection of greater than 50 dB, making it suitable for precise control applications. Plasmaloc 2-HF has both analog and digital control interfaces allowing the user to select voltage levels and monitor power output. It features an adjustable soft start/stop times to prevent damage to sensitive laser components. The output voltage is adjustable between 0 and 50V and can be regulated within 1% of the set voltage. The maximum output current is 125A with excellent regulation to within 1% of the set current. The power supply has an internal over-temperature shut off and an over-current circuit breaker which automatically resets when the fault condition is cleared. PLASMALOC-2HF offers a high power efficiency, allowing it to produce more output with less input power. It has an adjustable switching frequency range from 10 kHz to 1 MHz. The adjustable switching frequency allows for optimal regulation performance from the power supply, allowing for better performance in both low and high frequency applications. The power supply is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure with a wide input power range, making it suitable for use in many different types of environments. It is also designed with EMI filtering, providing a noise-free output with excellent protection against voltage spikes and other anomalies. ENI Plasmaloc 2-HF is an advanced and reliable power supply that can be used in a variety of applications. With its adjustable input/output voltage range, its adjustable switching frequency, its over-temperature shutoff, and its over-current circuit protection, it is a great choice for lasers and precision equipment. Combined with an efficient power delivery and an EMI filter, ENI PLASMALOC-2HF ensures reliable performance in a variety of applications.
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