Used ENI Plasmaloc 2-HF #9170785 for sale

Plasmaloc 2-HF
ID: 9170785
Vintage: 1996
Low frequency generator Voltage: 115 V.
ENI Plasmaloc 2-HF is a high frequency, constant-current power supply designed for plasma excitation and other specialty applications. It is capable of delivering up to 120 A of current at frequencies up to 400 kHz with a CNC order setting and external modulation signal. ENI PLASMALOC-2HF is designed to provide precise control with minimal variations over wide temperature and load ranges. The device is integrated with sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms and high power output sources that allow for smooth, precise operation. Plasmaloc 2-HF is equipped with a high frequency controller with integrated feedforward algorithms, allowing the power supply to demonstrate fast response times and deliver stable output over a wide range of input conditions. It utilizes an advanced control system with digital signal processing (DSP) and digital filters that allow it to operate at higher frequencies than traditional power supplies. The power supply also has a variable output frequency that can be adjusted from a CNC controller. PLASMALOC-2HF features a low-loss power section, enabling low-distortion operation at all outputs. Its design also allows for reliable, smooth switching at both low and higher frequencies. Additionally, it is designed with an overload protection which isolates the power supply from power sources in the event of an overload to minimize the risk of damage and keep the power supply running. The device is built with an optimized electronic interface, offering high robustness, performance, and reliability. It is equipped with a high level of protection against short circuits and leakage current, as well as overload protection and surge protection. In addition, ENI Plasmaloc 2-HF has a self-test feature which verifies its operability after a power failure. All in all, ENI PLASMALOC-2HF is an advanced, reliable and robust power supply designed to provide constant current output at high frequencies. It is capable of delivering up to 120A of current at frequencies up to 400kHz with a CNC order setting and external modulation signal, along with numerous other features that provide smooth, exact and reliable operation.
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