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ENI Plasmaloc 3
Plasmaloc 3
ID: 9182194
RF Generator.
ENI Plasmaloc 3 is a three-phase power supply designed to deliver stable output power for laboratory applications requiring DC or AC power. It is designed to meet the needs of demanding applications, such as those found in industrial and aerospace industries and scientific laboratories, while providing reliable performance and ease of use. Plasmaloc 3 offers three different operating modes: Constant Voltage (CV), Costant Current (CC), and CV/CC which provides both constant-voltage and constant-current operation. In CV mode, the output voltage is set to a selectable value, anywhere from 0-450VAC/10-450VDC, and remains constant regardless of load current. In CC mode, the load current is regulated to a selectable value, anywhere from 0-25A. In CV/CC mode, both the voltage and current are adjustable between the set limits. ENI Plasmaloc 3 also offers protection against over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature events. The integrated electronic circuit breaker tracks the load current and trips the breaker when the set limit is exceeded, making the power supply safe for use in laboratory conditions. In addition, the supply is fitted with an internal temperature sensor which detects excessive levels of heat and switches off the unit if necessary. Furthermore, Plasmaloc 3 offers a programmable manager port for remote monitoring and control. It allows users to monitor and adjust the operation of the power supply from an external controller, such as a PC or other type of workstation. It enables the current or voltage settings to be altered and, when coupled with an external monitor, it can provide a more detailed view of the power supply's performance. Overall, ENI Plasmaloc 3 is an incredibly versatile and reliable power supply capable of providing accurate and stable output power for a wide variety of applications in the laboratory environment. With its three-phase power, multiple operation modes, integrated protection, and programmable manager port, Plasmaloc 3 is a great choice for anyone seeking reliable power in a laboratory setting.
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