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ENI Spectrum 1513
Spectrum 1513
ID: 9171077
RF Generator.
ENI Spectrum 1513 is a high-performance AC to DC power supply specifically designed for medical applications. It provides a highly regulated DC output voltage at a maximum of 150 volts and delivers up to 150 watts of power. Spectrum 1513 features a full digital control equipment with adjustable voltage, current and digital monitoring. The power supply is designed to provide a stable, clean and efficient power source for medical devices and equipment. ENI Spectrum 1513 offers a digital control system that provides precise control of output voltage, current and temperature. The digital control unit is coupled with state-of-the-art measurement and feedback systems that provide improved performance while maintaining high reliability and safety. Spectrum 1513 utilizes advanced components such as metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs), insulated metal substrate (IMS) transformer technology and optically isolated digital inputs to ensure superior quality and reliability. ENI Spectrum 1513 features user friendly operation and adjustable voltage, current and temperature settings, allowing users to customize the power output to meet their specific requirements. The power supply operates in both continuous and pulse mode with adjustable pulse frequency and duty cycles adjustable as needed. The power supply conducts continuous self-monitoring and diagnostic testing to ensure safe and reliable operation and identify any potential machine problems. In the event of a failure or malfunction, the power supply will shut off automatically to protect connected devices from damage. Spectrum 1513 has a range of safety features designed to protect electrical equipment, systems and personnel from denial of service. These safety features include over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection and overload/overvoltage protection. In addition, the power supply meets international safety requirements and has been subjected to multiple tests, including electrical, EMI and RF testing. Finally, ENI Spectrum 1513 has a high efficiency rating and has been certified to meet the CE Marking requirements.
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