Used ENI Spectrum 3013 #9171076 for sale

ENI Spectrum 3013
Spectrum 3013
ID: 9171076
RF Generator.
ENI Spectrum 3013 is a reliable power supply designed for high performance applications. It is a compact, lightweight, and affordable model, providing excellent performance with low cost. Spectrum 3013 is a single output, isolated D.C. power supply with a maximum output voltage of 30V and a maximum output current of 3amps. In addition to providing a high degree of reliability, ENI Spectrum 3013 features a strong metal enclosure that is resistant to corrosion. The unit also has an adjustable voltage range, allowing users to adjust the output from 0V to 30V. A large LCD screen displays all vital power system parameters including output voltage, output current, and operating temperature. The main feature of Spectrum 3013 is its advanced power management system that consists of four active components: the power supply, the power monitor, the C-Bus Controller, and the protection circuit. The power supply takes incoming AC power and converts it to DC power that is suitable for use in most electronic devices and applications. The power monitor monitors the output of the power supply while the C-Bus Controller manages and trims the power supply to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. Lastly, the protection circuit safeguards the power supply from damage caused by excessive input voltages or currents. ENI Spectrum 3013 has a high surge current capability that is ideal for quick starts and quick stops. Its high efficiency and low ripple levels make it suitable for applications that require low noise and vibration levels. It is also equipped with reverse polarity and short circuit protection, so that it remains safe to operate even in the case of an unexpected and potentially dangerous power surge. It is UL, C-UL, TUV, and CE certified for safe and reliable operation. Spectrum 3013 comes with a host of additional features including thermal protection, adjustable voltage and current levels, an adjustable operating temperature range, and an over voltage protection circuit. Its dimensions are 208W x 46H x 177D mm and it weighs just 2.5kg. It is compatible with all of today's modern power requirements making it an ideal choice for a wide range of electronic applications.
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