Used EXTECH INSTRUMENTS 6502 #9159395 for sale

ID: 9159395
Programmable AC power supply 2 KVA.
EXTECH INSTRUMENTS 6502 is an advanced digital power supply designed to deliver a wide range of currents and voltages in both AC and DC powers modes. It features a universal power input, 10V DC output, 10A current output, overload and over-temperature protection, remote sensing, low ripple and noise, and display readout. 6502 also includes an adjustable current limit, adjustable voltage regulation, and adjustable slew rate control. The unit's digital control panel allows the user to easily program and control the unit's output parameters. The adjustable current limit and adjustable voltage regulation function can be used to provide any voltage or current up to the unit's maximum ratings. The unit also offers adjustable slew rate control to regulate the speed of its output. Additionally, the overload and over-temperature protection feature ensure safe operation by automatically shutting off the unit in the event of an over-current or over-temperature condition. EXTECH INSTRUMENTS 6502 also offers low ripple and noise, providing a smooth output with no dynamics distortion. The remote sensing feature allows the user to measure and regulate the output with a separate sense line. This feature also ensures stable and consistent performance. The display readout gives the user real-time monitoring of the unit's operation, including current, voltage, temperature, and timer readings. The user can also program the timer, allowing for automatic shutdown when the desired current or voltage has been reached. Overall, 6502 is a versatile and reliable digital power supply that can meet the needs of both commercial and industrial users. With its wide range of output parameters, overload and over-temperature protection, low ripple and noise levels, and display readout, the unit is sure to provide accurate power supply for a variety of applications.
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