Used GIGATRONICS 1200A #9185277 for sale

ID: 9185277
Synthesized sweep generator.
GIGATRONICS 1200A is a multi-output, low noise, remotely controlled, DC power supply designed for critical applications that require quick, accurate and reliable power. This power supply is a versatile current source capable of providing outputs between 0-30 Volts and 0-120 Amps for a variety of test and measurement operations. The power supply allows for precise DC voltage and current outputs. It also features a user programmable voltage and current ramp rate for even more precise settings. Its over voltage/over current protection systems, along with a built in wattage limitation for extra safety measure, enable the user to avoid triggering undesired output protection circuits. 1200A's main features included are two isolated digital outputs allowing for control of the voltage and current independently. High-speed analog sampling allows for continuous over voltage and over current protection sensing, and the power supply's power tracking guarantees consistent output intensities. The power supply is also equipped with a remote sensing port, allowing for acceptable voltages to be maintained over extended leads. An external triple output enable/disable port is also available that allows a user to independently control three different power output. GIGATRONICS 1200A is a highly reliable unit, with built in self-diagnostics that constantly check for potential problems before they become critical. Its comprehensive front-panel display allows for direct access to all the control and setup functions. 1200A power supply is suitable for use in a wide range of applications in both research and industry. With its high performance specifications, low noise output and ease of use, GIGATRONICS 1200A is a valuable tool for a variety of general test and measurement requirements.
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