Used GIGATRONICS 7200 #9184029 for sale

ID: 9184029
Synthesized sweep generator.
GIGATRONICS 7200 is a 600V, 600W linear DC bench power supply manufactured by GIGATRONICS®. This high-powered power supply is engineered with a proprietary gigavolt-amp (GVA) architecture, which provides a highly regulated output voltage with excellent transient response and smooth current. The GVA architecture limits peak overshoot and droop and provides a fast response to voltage and current settings while ensuring safe operation at any power level. 7200 offers a high voltage resolution of 0.1V. This ensures precise power supply control for testing sensitive electronic components. It also provides a range of current settings allowing adjustment of output current with a voltage resolution of 0.01A. The power supply also includes a variety of voltage and current protection and regulation features. These features include individual channel isolation, overvoltage protection, and temperature control. GIGATRONICS 7200 has two independent AC inlets, allowing supply from either an AC wall socket or pluggable AC/DC adapter. Additionally, it features a high efficiency switch mode power factor corrected power supply. 7200 includes a large 2.2" LCD display that allows for easy operation of the power supply. The backlit display is easily readable from any angle. The display also features a scrollable menu system which provides access to a variety of functions, including settings, error messages, operational status, and diagnostics. GIGATRONICS 7200 also includes a number of communication interfaces, including USB, RS-232, GPIB, and Ethernet. The Ethernet communication port enables remote monitoring and control of the power supply. 7200 is an ideal solution for high power laboratory and production applications that require precise and reliable power. Its advanced features, combined with its flexible communication interface options make it an ideal choice for applications such as environmental air quality control, chemical analysis, equipment testing, and solar energy applications.
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