Used GIGATRONICS 80301A #9165448 for sale

ID: 9165448
Power sensor system.
GIGATRONICS 80301A is a highly efficient, programmable power supply designed for laboratory and industrial applications. It offers a wide variety of outputs, and an easy to use touch screen interface with extensive monitoring capabilities. 80301A features a modulating voltage inverter that can provide up to 50 kVA of adjustable output power. It uses advanced IGBT power control technology to offer superior performance and efficiency in a small package. The voltage can be adjusted from 0-400V, and the current capability is up to 500A. GIGATRONICS 80301A can be programmed to provide either linear or pulse width modulation control, as well as adjustable frequency and duty cycle. 80301A is equipped with a UL/CSA approved temperature controller to ensure its safe operation. It also has integrated power-factor correction and EMI filtering to minimize emissions. Furthermore, GIGATRONICS 80301A is protected against over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature. 80301A has a built-in monitoring system that allows for real-time viewing of input and output variables, as well as the power supply's on-board status. A communications port is also available for interfacing with external control systems. Overall, GIGATRONICS 80301A is an excellent choice for laboratory and industrial applications. It offers advanced control technology, reliable performance, and unmatched flexibility. It is a great solution for those looking for a powerful and efficient programmable power supply.
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