Used GIGATRONICS 8542A #9166992 for sale

ID: 9166992
Universal power meter.
GIGATRONICS 8542A is a precision, high-power programmable AC/DC power supply designed for a variety of laboratory and research applications. This power supply is capable of producing DC and AC outputs from 0V to 60V and from 0.1A to 5A with a maximum power output of 250W. It has four output channels with independent voltage and current programming and is designed for easy operation in multiple-output systems. 8542A has several user-friendly features that allow for fine control over each channel's output. Its precision control and monitoring features include adjustable safety limits for current and voltage, over-temperature shutdown, and load regulation. Its memory functions provide multiple output profiles that are easily recalled and executed with the touch of a button. Its digital display, LED indicators, and USB interface provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of the unit's output and help ensure total control. GIGATRONICS 8542A is a durable, reliable power supply. Its sturdy sheet metal enclosure is exceptionally rugged, making it well-suited for demanding environments. Additionally, its generous cooling surface ensures that the unit remains cool while it is in operation. Its robust design ensures a long operating life, making it ideal for a variety of applications in research and industry. 8542A is also designed for maximum uptime and minimal maintenance. Its built-in self-protection features protect it from overload, short-circuit, and over-temperature conditions, allowing it to operate reliably over the long-term. Its advanced features also allow for remote monitoring via the included RS 232 interface. GIGATRONICS 8542A is an ideal power supply for any lab or research environment. Its intuitive user interface, strong construction, multiple outputs and comprehensive safety features make it perfect for a wide range of applications. Its precision and reliability make it a great choice for any application in need of a dependable, high performance AC/DC power supply.
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