Used GIGATRONICS 8542A #9183701 for sale

ID: 9183701
Universal power meter.
GIGATRONICS 8542A is a high performance, programmable power supply for the electronic design industry. This power supply unit is unique as it is the first of its kind to provide an inherently mobile feature, allowing users to take their device with them to remote locations, allowing for the convenience of on-site debugging or testing. The heart of 8542A is the proprietary B/VTM® control loop, which provides ultra-precise adjustments for user-defined output voltage and current settings. This control loop results in an overall high-efficiency output with minimal waveform distortion. Additionally, this model contains a two-digit LED display for real-time voltage and current readings, allowing for rapid visual assessment to be made to the user. GIGATRONICS 8542A can output up to 55V and 2.25A, making it suitable for both benchtop and mobile debugging or testing purposes. Furthermore, it offers a wide selection of waveform configurations, including a variety of waveform profiles (e.g. Triangle, Inverse Triangles, and sawtooth). Additional features such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection further ensure a safe working environment, while active inrush current control limits inrush current draw during the turn on process. 8542A also offers more than the average power supply, such as built-in waveform memories, allowing users to customize waveform settings with ease. This model also supports various communication protocols, including GPIB interface, serial, and USB. This provides for seamless integration and communication with external systems, making it ideal for remote programming and control. GIGATRONICS 8542A presents itself as an ideal power supply choice for engineers and technicians who need precise control of their power supply outputs in both domestic and international environments. It's versatile features, combined with the integrated protection and communication support, make this model a reliable choice for challenging power supply applications.
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