Used GIGATRONICS 8542C #9183699 for sale

ID: 9183699
Universal power meter.
GIGATRONICS 8542C is a high-performance power supply designed specifically for vacuum and cryogenic applications. It is equipped with variable output voltage, regulated DC, and integrated current and voltage monitoring. 8542C is designed to meet stringent space-based requirements for providing power compliance in high-stress and extreme environment conditions. GIGATRONICS 8542C has a number of features which make it an ideal power supply for applications in cryogenic and vacuum systems, as well as other challenging environments. The most notable of these features is its extended S temperatures range of -50°C to +100°C. This extended temperature range is critical in many cryogenic applications, allowing the power supply to operate effectively even in the most challenging temperatures or environmental conditions. The power supply also offers high efficiency levels, up to 85%, and has a wide output voltage range, from 16V to 160V. 8542C also comes equipped with two independenty adjustable outputs, each with its own current/voltage monitor. This makes it easy to tailor the power supply to the exact power needs of a specific application and ensures that it is operating within the recommended parameters. The power supply also utilizes a built-in overtemperature protection system, helping to ensure that it can do its job safely, even in harsh conditions. For improved protection, GIGATRONICS 8542C is built with reverse current protection and overload protection to help protect the device and any attached components from being damaged. Additionally, it is UL, CSA and CE approved, certifying its safety and compatibility with other pieces of equipment. 8542C is a high-performance power supply designed for the most extreme of conditions, including vacuum and cryogenic systems. With its extended temperature range, variable output voltage, built-in safety features, and UL/CSA/CE certification, it is an ideal power supply for applications requiring extreme temperature ranges and demanding performance.
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