Used GIGATRONICS 8651A #9183700 for sale

ID: 9183700
Universal power meter.
GIGATRONICS 8651A is a high-performance power supply designed for a variety of applications. It is a highly advanced and reliable instrument that delivers up to 200 Watts of power. The device provides precise output voltage and current capabilities, allowing fine tuning of the output parameters to meet specific needs. The device comes with a variety of features, such as electronic load control, active power regulation, surge protection, and over-temperature protection. It also has a microprocessor-controlled circuit design and a dedicated monitoring and control port. 8651A is equipped with a voltage and current display, and built-in USB communication port that allows for real-time programming and monitoring of the power supply. The device also has the ability to synchronize its output with other devices, allowing for more efficient operation. GIGATRONICS 8651A is highly reliable under demanding conditions, thanks to its advanced current and voltage regulation. The device features an enhanced current regulation loop that enables stable current levels even when the output load changes. 8651A also comes with a user-adjustable dynamic response for current and voltage regulation, ensuring greater system accuracy and upholding user preferences. GIGATRONICS 8651A's circuitry provides built-in over-temperature protection and surge protection which safeguard system components against possible accidental overloads. 8651A also has a logic-controlled LAN port and a user-programmable relay output that can be used to switch other devices in the system on and off. The device is UL, CE and TÜV certified, ensuring safety in operation. GIGATRONICS 8651A is a highly reliable power supply that offers precise output voltage and current capabilities. It features surge protection, over-temperature protection, and the ability to synchronize the output with other devices for efficient operation. 8651A also offers a variety of advanced features that allow for fine tuning of the output parameters and real-time programming and monitoring. GIGATRONICS 8651A is a powerful and robust device that is suitable for a variety of applications.
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