Used GRANVILLE PHILLIPS 275998 #9172208 for sale

ID: 9172208
Convectron gauge.
GRANVILLE PHILLIPS 275998 is a high-accuracy power supply that is designed to deliver a consistent and reliable power source that can be adjusted and optimized to fit a range of applications. This power supply is equipped with two independent, high accuracy stepped power supplies that can deliver outputs of 0-10V DC and 6-10V DC respectively. Each output can provide up to 2.5A of current with accuracy of ±0.1%. The power supply features a comprehensive control system, with programmable voltage and current settings, allowing users to easily setup and adjust the output for different applications. The digital readout of the power supply shows a host of useful data, such as voltage, current, and power settings for each output. The power supply also includes real-time monitoring and protection features such as over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and reverse polarity. The power supply offers advanced tracking and digital filtering, to minimize disturbances in the output waveforms. The power supply also features an adjustable remote sense, limiting or eliminating voltage drops in the load leads. Additionally, the power supply can be controlled digitally using an optional software utility, making it simple to fine-tune the output settings. 275998 is ideal for operating and testing sensitive electronic equipment due to its precise and stable power levels. The power supply is also cost-efficient and easy to install and operate. The power supply is perfect for applications that require a quality and reliable power supply, such as electronics test and measurement systems and medical device manufacturing.
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