Used GW INSTEK GPC-3030D #9169341 for sale

ID: 9169341
Power supply.
GW INSTEK GPC-3030D is a highly precise and reliable power supply equipment and is ideal for use in both laboratory and industrial settings. This device is designed with an adjustable output voltage from 0 to 30 Volts and adjustable output current from 0 to 3 A. This power supply system includes advanced features and functions to meet any specific requirements. It has an adjustable output voltage, adjustable current settings, over-voltage and over-current protection, and a built-in temperature protection unit. The display is also adjustable in brightness and contrast to give users better visibility. In addition, this power supply machine comes with an isolated output with low noise. This allows it to directly power circuits without risk of interference. Furthermore, it has the ability to self-test the output to ensure its accuracy and monitor temperature. This helps detect any possible faults and reduce the chance of damage to the tool. It also features built-in test functions that can safely measure the power consumption of an electric circuit. These measurements are capable of detecting even the smallest impedance anomalies. The built-in waveform monitor is also able to show the output waveforms in real-time. GPC-3030D also offers a remote control function that allows users to operate the asset from a remote terminal. This can be extremely useful for long-running experiments, or situations where changes to the settings need to be made quickly. The design of the power supply model also ensures stable operation even during large-scale loadings. Finally, this power supply equipment has a wide range of safety features that help protect both the power supply system and any equipment connected to it. It includes short-circuit protection, over current protection, current overload protection, over-voltage trip protection, and a thermal overload protection unit. This makes GW INSTEK GPC-3030D a secure and reliable power supply machine.
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