Used GW INSTEK GPC-3060D #9169343 for sale

ID: 9169343
DC Power supply.
GW INSTEK GPC-3060D is a highly reliable power supply designed to provide precision and highly-stable DC current and voltage in laboratory and other industrial applications. Featuring a constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) dual-mode operation, this power supply has an advanced microcontroller design for precise voltage and current regulation as well as excellent ripple rejection performance. GPC-3060D can deliver up to 1KW of output power, with AC input range of 85 to 265V and is suitable for single-phase, three-wire grounding AC supply systems. This highly efficient power supply has full protection against overload, over voltage and over current protections which can be set by an LCD display or from a control interface, such as a RS232 port or USB port. The user interface also provides indications such as output on/off, protection, and operational status. The intuitive LCD display on the front panel makes it easy to read and set both the current and voltage values plus variable speed fan ring to ensure optimal temperature management. GW INSTEK GPC-3060D has excellent noise and ripple properties due to the built-in active PFC (power factor correction) circuit. This helps to reduce both input AC current harmonic distortion and improve input power factor. The device also features a fast response time and a high output stability, as well as low ripple and noise, making it perfect for precision testing. GPC-3060D boasts a built-in memory and an intuitive touch panel control interface that allows you to store up to 10 sets of operating parameters for quick selection. It also has a built-in USB interface for PC-based remote control and management. Utilizing constant-voltage, and constant-current functions, this high-quality power supply is ideal for a range of professional applications, such as, battery charging, sensors manufacturing, voltage and current testing, and laboratory applications. All in all, GW INSTEK GPC-3060D features a powerful yet reliable design, suitable for the most demanding applications. Its advanced protection features and variable speed fan ring help to ensure user safety and protection while its intuitive LCD display, and built-in memory make it user-friendly and easy to set up. Thanks to its high efficiency, fast response time, and excellent ripple and noise performance, this power supply provides a reliable and precise output, making it the perfect choice for professional laboratories and industrial applications.
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