Used GW INSTEK PSH-3610A #9169339 for sale

ID: 9169339
AC Power supply.
GW INSTEK PSH-3610A is a reliable programmable power supply tailored to meet user needs in the laboratory environment. It has an impressive line of features that provide flexibility and convenience across a wide variety of applications. PSH-3610A boasts a high output voltage of up to 36V with an adjustable voltage range from 0 to 36V. It also offers the full-bridge addition of two independent outputs up to three times, allowing users to independently control two outputs with a single machine. This feature is especially useful in applications that require more than one output. GW INSTEK PSH-3610A offers single and multiple output compensation for controlling load lines, enabling users to configure customized output characteristics with high accuracy. It also features a Coarse Level Voltage display that provides a quick overview of the voltage setting in the output stage. In addition, PSH-3610A has 10-turn analog adjustment knobs for precise control of both voltage and current, making it easy to fine-tune output settings. The device also offers a standby mode to minimize power consumption and a series of diverse protections: over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protection. This power supply also enables remote sensing functionality, allowing users to connect it to a remote point and measure voltage with greater accuracy. Furthermore, it comes with a built-in USB port for easy connection to a PC, and its intuitive software allows users to control various parameters via a user-friendly graphical user interface. GW INSTEK PSH-3610A is designed with safety in mind and has a built-in temperature sensor to protect against overheating. It also has a wide operating temperature range of 10˚ C to +50˚ C, making it suitable for harsh environments. All in all, PSH-3610A is a professional-grade power supply designed to meet the needs of any laboratory and provide users with the utmost accuracy and control over their output settings. It comes with a range of features that make it highly reliable and easy to use, and its excellent safety features provide further peace of mind.
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