Used HEWLETT PACKARD 66311B #9169336 for sale

ID: 9169336
Mobile communications DC source.
HEWLETT PACKARD 66311B Micro Power Supply Equipment for the E3600A Series is a complete power supply system that provides a variety of programmable output voltages and programmable current control. This power supply can be used to provide DC power and AC power for a variety of testing, development, and production needs. 66311B is an integrated micro power supply unit that can provide single output or multiple outputs, including one positive and one negative output. HEWLETT PACKARD 66311B Micro Power Supply Machine features a range of programmable voltages from 0-50V and up to 600V for the DC voltage output. The AC voltage output can range from 0-310V for single-phase voltages and up to 2160V for three-phase voltage outputs. The tool also offers programmable frequency control for AC output and current control for both AC and DC outputs. The current control allows the user to limit over-current during programming. 66311B features a compact design with a footprint of approximately 7" wide and 6" tall. The unit is powered by a 100-240V, 1-3A line voltage. This power supply asset can be connected to a computer via an RS-232 or GPIB interface for programming and control. It also includes a large, bright LCD display for readouts and settings. HEWLETT PACKARD 66311B Micro Power Supply Model is a high-performance equipment that offers reliable, precision control without sacrificing user-friendliness. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to program and adjust settings and its multiple output configuration options provide a great solution for a variety of applications. With built-in safety features, such as overvoltage and overtemperature protection, 66311B power supply system offers a reliable and safe power source for lab or production environments.
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