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HIPOTRONICS is a prominent manufacturer of power supplies known for their reliability and versatility. They offer a range of analog power supplies that cater to various industries and applications. One of their popular models is the HD 103 power supply, which provides a high voltage output of up to 15kV. This compact and portable unit is ideal for applications such as cable testing, insulation testing, and dielectric testing. Another notable offering is the 750-10 CTS power supply, which delivers a variable output voltage of up to 10kV. With its robust design and built-in safety features, this unit is commonly used in high voltage testing, manufacturing, and research laboratories. The 825-15 power supply from HIPOTRONICS is another reliable option. It provides a maximum output voltage of 15kV and offers precise control and indication of output voltage and current. This versatile unit finds applications in industries like electrical utilities, aerospace, and telecommunications. HIPOTRONICS power supplies stand out for their high-quality construction, advanced safety features, and user-friendly interface. These units comply with international safety standards and come with features like adjustable output voltage, digital voltage and current meters, and protection circuitry against over-voltage and over-current conditions. Overall, HIPOTRONICS power supplies offer remarkable performance, adaptability, and peace of mind to professionals in need of high voltage testing equipment.

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