Used HORIZON DHR-2055DH #9165389 for sale

ID: 9165389
Dual power supplies 20 V - 5 A.
HORIZON DHR-2055DH is a high-performance regulated power supply designed to meet the most demanding requirements in a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications. It features a power output of 15.2A up to 55V, providing an impressive 835W of power. DHR-2055DH is equipped with a digital display for real-time voltage and current reading and other status information. It also includes an adjustable over-voltage protection circuit, which prevents accidental over-voltage damage to the internal components. HORIZON DHR-2055DH is constructed with a robust aluminum chassis, providing superior electrical insulation and allowing for superior temperature stability. An included remote control allows for easy control of the power output, making it easy to smoothly adjust the voltage and current. All of these features make DHR-2055DH ideal for a wide array of laboratory and industrial power supply needs. The unit features a wide array of connectivity options, including a USB-B port, a 4-pin DIN connector, and various screw terminal connections. Additionally, the unit offers convenient remote sensing, making it possible to detect conditions such as voltage drops and voltage spikes, even when the unit is not placed in the immediate proximity of the device. This advanced feature makes HORIZON DHR-2055DH an ideal choice for applications that require high accuracy and minimal downtime due to power maintenance and regulation issues. This durable, versatile power supply features a variety of protection features designed to keep it running safely and smoothly. It includes over-current, over-voltage, and reverse-polarity protection, as well as advanced anti-interference circuitry. DHR-2055DH also includes a highly efficient DC/DC converter for improved efficiency and longer lifetime. HORIZON DHR-2055DH power supply provides an excellent solution for many industrial and laboratory applications. It offers high power with precise control and reliability, making it the perfect choice for both hobbyists and professionals alike. The built-in safety features, high-efficiency ratings, and remote sensing make DHR-2055DH a complete and reliable power source.
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