Used HORIZON DHR 3652 #9165360 for sale

DHR 3652
ID: 9165360
Dual power supply 36 V - 2.5 A.
HORIZON DHR 3652 is a powerful industrial grade switching power supply designed to produce highly reliable, cost-effective, and efficient power conversion for a wide range of applications. This state-of-the-art power supply is an ideal choice for both live and simulated environments, as it is designed to maintain peak performance even in the most extreme conditions. DHR 3652 features an input voltage range of 200-240VAC and an output voltage range of 12-48V DC, making it suitable for a variety of power distribution and motor control applications. It also features a built-in C-LED for easy installation and EMI filter for reliable electric noise reduction. The unit boasts a power factor correction of 0.99, making it suitable for higher frequency applications, allowing for more efficient operation and increased energy savings. Additionally, HORIZON DHR 3652 is engineered with an over-current and short-circuit protection circuit and air-cooled heatsink to protect against damage. Its ultra-efficient and reliable design has been tested to meet the 50,000-hour service life for varying loads and temperatures. This industrial-grade power supply also includes a manual start/stop switch for improved control, making it the ideal choice for engineers and technicians alike. DHR 3652 is an advanced, cutting-edge power supply that is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. It is designed for maximum reliability and efficiency while delivering high-quality electrical power to multiple locations. Its strong safety features, EMI filter, air-cooled heatsink, and overload/short-circuit protection circuit all contribute to the outstanding performance of the unit. It is an excellent choice for industrial applications that require robust and resilient power delivery.
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