Used HORIZON DHR 3655D #9165277 for sale

DHR 3655D
ID: 9165277
Triple DC power supply.
HORIZON DHR 3655D is a DC power supply designed specifically for laboratories and research-based applications. It is able to provide up to 36V of continuous DC power and up to 55A of current, making it a powerful and versatile source for a variety of projects. It features a large, backlit LCD display that shows relevant information such as output voltage and current, input voltage, and output power. Furthermore, DHR 3655D provides a wide number of protections for both the power supply and the components connected to it. It has overvoltage protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, and short circuit protection. The power supply also includes an RS232 and USB interface, allowing it to be controlled from a computer. All of these features make HORIZON DHR 3655D an excellent choice for a research power supply. DHR 3655D can be used to power a variety of components, from small OpAmp circuits to large laboratory benches. It is highly accurate, with a voltage setting accuracy of 0.1%, and a current setting accuracy of 1%. It is also capable of regulating output voltage and current between a range of 0-36V and 0-55A respectively, making it a very flexible source of power for multiple applications. Furthermore, the power supply features a minimum resolution of 10mV and 10mA, giving precise control over the output voltage and current. For convenience, HORIZON DHR 3655D features a front panel with intuitive controls and a display of relevant information. It includes a rotary control to adjust the voltage and current, as well as push buttons to enable and disable the outputs. Additionally, it has a built-in protection circuit that will disconnect the outputs if the voltage and/or current reaches unsafe levels. The power supply also comes with a standard IEC power cord and terminated output cables for easy connection. In summary, DHR 3655D is a highly reliable and versatile power supply perfect for laboratory and research applications. With its accurate output settings, wide range of protections, intuitive controls, and easy connection options, it is an ideal choice for a wide variety of projects.
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