Used HORIZON HR-100-3A #9165343 for sale

ID: 9165343
Power supply 100V-0.3A.
HORIZON HR-100-3A is a high-performance DC-DC converter ideal for use in applications that require a wide range of regulated output voltages with a wide input voltage range. Designed to save space and cost of a complete power system, HORIZON is capable of supplying up to 100W of regulated power in an industry standard 2U package. HR-100-3A is equipped with an advanced communications module which supports EtherCAT, Modbus, IP-CAN, and Profibus communication protocols. This feature allows for flexibility in integration into a variety systems and makes for an ideal choice for automation and control systems and industrial applications. It's universal input ranges from 90- to 264 VAC; it also supports 12-48 VDC output. HORIZON utilises a patented design to achieve the highest power density in the market. The converter utilizes synchronous rectification and resonant half-bridge DC/DC converter topology in order to achieve high power density. The patented synchronous rectification and the resonant topology reduce the number of components needed to produce the same amount of power, thus increasing power density and reducing cost. HORIZON also includes a wide range of protection mechanisms to guard against common problems with industrial power output such as over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection. It also includes voltage and current adjustment capabilities for system customization. HORIZON HR-100-3A is ideal for high performance power applications such as industrial automation, data processing, and laboratory applications. Its advanced control module allows for seamless integration into existing systems and it's high power density and wide range of protections make it an ideal choice for use in demanding industrial and laboratory applications.
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