Used HORIZON SR-50-10 #9165346 for sale

ID: 9165346
Power supply 50V-10A.
HORIZON SR-50-10 is an industrial-grade DC power supply that provides consistent and reliable power to industrial equipment. It has a 10 V output voltage and 50A current output, optimal for industrial-grade power supplies. The power supply is designed to be reliable, efficient, and versatile as it offers a wide range of applications, from individual industrial components to entire industrial systems. It is equipped with a low standby power consumption, meets energy efficiency standards, and complies with all the world's safety standards, enabling it to be used in any environment. SR-50-10 is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures from 0℃ to 60℃ and can sustain short periods of operation at temperatures up to 70℃. Its built-in cooling system provides a stable cooling performance and maximizes the reliability of the power supply, ensuring it can handle any environmental conditions. The power supply also features overload, over-voltage, and over-current safeguards to protect the load from potential damage. HORIZON SR-50-10 power supply is equipped with a three-phase output selector switch, making it flexible to meet the user's needs without needing any additional wiring. It is also equipped with a wide range of protection functions such as under-voltage and short-circuit, enabling the load to run safely and efficiently. The power supply can be controlled remotely over the Ethernet network and can be monitored through a central monitoring system for more efficient energy management. SR-50-10 is reliable and easy to install. It is 100 percent tested before shipment and comes with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind. The power supply is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications such as robotics, automation, and instrumentation as well as any other industrial applications that require a reliable power source. It provides a powerful and stable solution for powering industrial equipment.
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