Used HORIZON TESTRON #9171534 for sale

ID: 9171534
Modular power supply.
HORIZON TESTRON is a power supply designed for laboratory and industrial applications. It is a continuous power source, designed for use in extreme conditions and environments, including temperatures ranging from -40°F to +180°F. TESTRON power supply features a wide input voltage range (110 to 265 Volts AC) and a power rating of 0.9 to 1.1 KVA. It features high-efficiency power switching and a temperature sensing switch, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications. The device can be operated in either continuous or frequency adjusted mode. In continuous mode, the output voltage is fixed and does not vary with load. This allows for greater consistency with test results in all environments. In frequency adjusted mode, the output voltage is adjustable depending on the load, allowing for more precise performance in certain applications. The device also features an adjustable load regulation, allowing it to precisely regulate the output voltage when there is fluctuating load. Additionally, the device features over-current and short circuit protection, providing greater safety and reliability. HORIZON TESTRON power supply is designed to be robust and reliable, with a rugged enclosure featuring plastic stack lugs for secure attachment. The unit is electronically protected and features an integrated backlit LCD display, providing the user with the ability to monitor the output voltage, current, and temperature levels. TESTRON power supply is ideal for use in laboratories, testing facilities, research and development, and any other extreme environment that requires a reliable source of power. In combination with its adjustable load regulation and temperature sensing switch, the device allows for improved control and greater precision when working in harsh conditions.
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