Used HUGHES HRW-250AC / DC #9181816 for sale

HRW-250AC / DC
ID: 9181816
Welder With VTA-60
HUGHES HWR-250AC / DC is an industrial grade power supply designed for providing reliable, stable power to a variety of electronic devices and components for long-term and short-term applications. It was developed to have the outstanding performance and capacity needed to power many types of machines requiring high power level and stringent safety requirements. HUGHES HWR-250AC/DC is an efficient switch-mode power supply with a wide input voltage range of 90 to 250 Vac and output voltage range of 24 to 250 Vac. It has a very low standby power consumption and is capable of providing high levels of performance and power delivery. This power supply also features very reliable state-of-the-art components that ensure consistent stability during operation, with an optional over temperature protection to prevent overheating. Its output is singularly adjustable through a rotary-encoder type control knob that comes as standard on the device. HUGHES HWR-250AC/DC also features an efficient low ripple and noise power conversion that ensures no additional static or electric noise will be introduced to the device, allowing it to be used with sensitive devices such as audio output systems. This power supply is suitable for use in industrial and medical applications, with guaranteed outputs and a wide range of input voltage and output current options available to suit the needs of different applications. The power supply is approved according to the latest EN 60 950, UL, TUV, and CE standards, along with a semi-transparent enclosure for easier installation and maintenance. It is capable of providing steady state performance with a high MTBF rating. It also has active power factor correction with a power factor of up to 0.99. Overall, HUGHES HWR-250AC/DC is a reliable, high-performance switch-mode power supply with an adjustable output and built-in protection against over-temperature, providing steady and stable performance across a wide range of applications. Suitable for a variety of industrial and medical applications, its semi-transparent enclosure makes it easy to install and maintain. With its wide range of input and output voltage configurations and active power factor correction, it is an ideal choice for a variety of applications that need reliable, high performance power supplies.
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