Used HUGHES HRW-50B #9181814 for sale

ID: 9181814
Welder With VTA-60
HUGHES HRW-50B is a power supply that offers a high level of performance and reliability with a DC source ranging from 0 to 50V/10A. It includes an integrated overload protection and a LCD display that provides a readout of voltage, current, and wattage. The power supply also offers a three-digit LED display for over voltage protection and a keypad for user selection and control. HRW-50B power supply provides a maximum output of 50 volts DC and up to 10 amperes of current. This provides users with enough power to meet most general laboratory requirements. It is protected against short circuit, over current, over voltage and overheating, ensuring maximum safety and providing reliable operation of the device. Additionally, the unit includes adjustable current regulation, which allows users to set their desired current level. In terms of physical design, HUGHES HRW-50B power supply is compact and requires only minimal mounting space. It accepts standard AC input voltages of 100-240V and includes adjustable voltage and current output, as well as a three programmable memory location. Its low noise and high efficiency make it suitable for regular use and its isolated RS232/USB connection allows for easy control from a PC. HRW-50B is designed to be used in a variety of applications, including prototyping and engineering, testing, powering circuit boards, and powering external electronic devices. Its robust construction and reliable industrial-grade components ensure a long service life even in the toughest operational conditions. The power supply is CE certified and comes with a one-year warranty. In conclusion, HUGHES HRW-50B power supply is an extremely reliable and powerful unit. It offers adjustable current regulation, a three programmable memory location, and an isolated RS232/USB connection to allow for easy control from a PC. It includes an overload protection and is suitable for a variety of applications. Its robust construction and reliable components provide a long service life even in the toughest operational conditions. Its CE certification and one-year warranty complete its offerings, making HRW-50B power supply an attractive choice for users.
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