Used HUGHES HRW-750B #9181817 for sale

ID: 9181817
Welder With VTA-71.
HUGHES HRW-750B is a high performance regulated power supply designed for use in industrial and commercial operations. It is a DC power supply capable of delivering 750W output power at 850 volts. The unit is equipped with a wide array of features and capabilities designed to meet the needs of many different applications. HRW-750B is capable of operating from a single, three-phase AC input supply with a nominal input voltage of 208-480 VAC. It has an output current of up to 26A and boasts dual, independent output stands and voltage rails, which make it ideal for powering multiple loads. The unit also has short circuit, over temperature and over voltage protection and a wide variety of user settings to optimize its performance. It has an adjustable output voltage, and the user can set the output voltage to any value between 0V and 850V. It also has adjustable current limiting, with adjustable limits from 0A to 26A. HUGHES HRW-750B is a highly reliable and efficient power supply, with a high efficiency of 88% and a power factor greater than 0.95. It also features a wide operating temperature range of -25° C to +50° C, meaning it can handle extreme temperatures if necessary. In addition, the unit has a low residual ripple of less than 1%, as well as excellent transient response time of less than 5ms. As such, it is ideal for applications that require quick response time and accurate power supply control. HRW-750B also boasts an intelligent fan design, which allows for efficient cooling regardless of the need or surrounding environment. This ensures maximum reliability and performance. HUGHES HRW-750B is a robust and powerful DC power supply, designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of operations. It is easily configurable and can be tailored to suit the power needs of almost any application. As such, it is a reliable and efficient power supply option for many types of commercial operations.
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