Used INSTEK PPT-3615G #9169340 for sale

ID: 9169340
DC Power supply.
INSTEK PPT-3615G is a highly reliable DC power supply with excellent accuracy and stability. It has two independent output channels, each capable of supplying up to 36 volts and up to 15 amps of current. It is preset with 6 various voltage and current combinations, allowing users to quickly and accurately set their power requirements. PPT-3615G has an intuitive LCD display that provides current, voltage, and power readings, with the ability to monitor multiple output channels simultaneously. The display can also provide graphical waveform display, such as sine, triangle, and pulse waveforms. INSTEK PPT-3615G also provides toolless output terminals for a secure and easy connection with the output cables. PPT-3615G has advanced protection features, allowing it to protect components and devices from overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, and other electrical disturbances. It also has a built-in temperature sensor to protect the power supply from overheating. Moreover, it is equipped with a USB and GPIB interfaces for easy integration with other test and measurement systems. INSTEK PPT-3615G is designed with a wide range of safety features, such as an AC input interlock and a low-voltage output. This power supply can be operated in either manual or automatic mode and has automatic output tracking capability for multiple channels. PPT-3615G is a reliable and versatile power supply that meets the demands of many complex applications in electrical testing and development. It has built-in protection features, an intuitive LCD display, and various output features, and is compatible with USB and GPIB interfaces. With its dual-channel output and wide range of functions, this power supply is an ideal choice for both research and industrial applications.
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