Used INSTEK SPS-1230 #9159397 for sale

ID: 9159397
DC Power supply.
INSTEK SPS-1230 is a triple output, programmable linear DC power supply from GW INSTEK that offers a regulated output voltage of up to 30 volts and a maximum current of 10A. This power supply also features a digital panel display that offers smooth regulation and excellent accuracy for a wide array of applications. SPS-1230 is well-suited for operation in both laboratory and designs production environments and can supply two independent channels of current for power to sensitive electronic equipment. INSTEK SPS-1230 uses resonant DC-DC conversion technology and includes an intelligent programming system with a dual digital meter display and LED light on the front of the unit for indicating output voltage and current values. It has a robust universal input voltage range of 85VAC/PD or 115 VAC/PD, and can accommodate a wide input voltage range (110 to 230 VAC) with automatic adjustment. The output of SPS-1230 is adjustable from 0 to 30 volts with a maximum current rating of 10A for each output. INSTEK SPS-1230 has a number of safety features designed for use in laboratory or production applications. It is equipped with a handheld remote control for adjusting voltage or current levels as well as a timer mode for setting a specific time for shutdown. An overload protection circuit, overvoltage protection, and reverse polarity protection are also included. This power supply can also be operated from a computer with the setup and control software provided. SPS-1230 utilizes high-precision resistors and capacitors and boast high-speed short-circuit current protection and a low noise level. The unit is built with a heavy-duty aluminum base plate for superior heat dissipation and includes a standard cooling fan to help keep its temperature stable during operation. The power supply is enclosed in a compact aluminum enclosure for laboratory or production applications. INSTEK SPS-1230 is an ideal solution for powering sensitive electronic equipment and offers a combination of features, strong performance, ease of use, and reliability that you can depend on. It is perfect for both laboratory and production applications.
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