Used INVITROGEN PowerEase 500 #9162082 for sale

ID: 9162082
Power supply.
INVITROGEN PowerEase 500 is a power supply designed for the safety, reliability and efficacy of cell culture and electrophoresis operations. This versatile and intuitive device offers a range of features to offer a complete solution for laboratory needs. PowerEase 500 provides five separate power outputs ranging from 0 to 50 Volts and 0 to 5.0 Amps max, giving you a total maximum output power of 250W. It also has a 0-2 second timer setting with user definable "fast" and "normal" ranges for quicker operation. Additionally, the intuitive LCD screen supplies all the necessary views and interactions needed such as the voltage, current, wattage, and time. INVITROGEN PowerEase 500 supports protection of the user's equipment with a range of safety features such as over voltage, over current, and short-circuit protection. The temperature is controlled with a built-in fan to ensure the greatest safety and reliability when in operation. The device also provides a range of specific electrophoresis functions including short circuit current limiting (SSCL) for gels, positive or negative output ramping and hold times. The Control Software of PowerEase 500 helps you to visualize the power/current output, time elapsed, and set the parameters for the corresponding operations. It also includes self-test functions to detect potential equipment malfunctions or over current conditions and updates any prevailing norms. Using this software, you can also save preset profiles to help manage your electrophoresis runs according to your preference. In terms of portability, INVITROGEN PowerEase 500 proves to be a versatile option. It is designed with a compact and light weighted design with carrying handles for ease of mobility. It also has a UK 3 pin plug and a 4 pin power cord for supplying power to an external device. Furthermore, it features a stacked frame for integrating its use with external equipment. PowerEase 500 is an advanced and reliable power supply for cell culture and electrophoresis operations. It offers intuitive features such as a smooth user interface, wide input/output ranges, protection for specific electrophoresis operations and a range of safety features. Additionally, its compact design with carrying handles provides mobility and ease of use.
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