Used INVITROGEN X-Cell Sure lock #9167924 for sale

ID: 9167924
Power supply.
INVITROGEN X-Cell Sure lock is a power supply designed to provide reliable, stable, and cost-effective power for cell culture applications with tighter adjustability than ever before. This power supply comes equipped with a unique power lock feature that ensures the power output is repeatable and reliable. This power supply has adjustable voltage ranging from 10V to 30V. The maximum output current is 6.5A with an output power of up to 220W. The output is regulated using a software-controlled PID controller and monitored through a Fast Converter. This ensures consistent output from the power supply, even if power input is fluctuating or varying. X-Cell Sure lock is a TrueRMS, three-phase input device calibrated for voltage accuracy at 120/240V AC. This allows it to be used with loads rated up to 15A, making it suitable for cell culture applications where a larger current is required. It is also equipped with four AC outlets, dual fused outlets, voltage monitoring, and adjustable voltage range. INVITROGEN X-Cell Sure lock is made with a durable aluminum housing designed for use in harsh laboratory conditions, and the case has an IP23 rating, making it splash resistant. The power supply also comes with over temperature protection, Earth leakage protection, and over-voltage protection. X-Cell Sure lock is protected by a two-year limited warranty and comes with a free service pack consisting of a replacement unit and an in-person service visit, if needed. It is UL certified, and complies with EMC, FCC, RoHS and CE regulations. Overall, INVITROGEN X-Cell Sure lock offers durable protection and reliable output for cell culture applications. With its precise power lock feature, adjustable voltage ranging from 10v to 30v, and other features, it is sure to provide reliable and cost-effective power for any laboratory application.
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