Used ISCO 495 #9163025 for sale

ISCO 495
ID: 9163025
Power supply 2000V.
ISCO 495 is a reliable, accurate and efficient power supply for electrical applications. The power supply has a 0-70 volt 0-8 amps DC input, allowing for multiple current configurations in one unit. 495 has a peak current capacity of 10 amps, allowing for a higher level of power for more demanding applications. It also offers a wide range of voltage operations, a 0.1% regulation, and operates at a frequency of up to 15 kHz. The device is highly reliable, with engineered protection mechanisms against accidental overloads and faults. The device utilizes a maintenance free fan to increase overall efficiency, and it is designed to be easy to use, with a new digital LED display for monitoring and adjusting operating parameters. In addition, the device is programmable and can memorize up to four different configurations. ISCO 495 also features built in voltage and current trimmers to provide precise voltage and current control. In addition, it has an adjustable output voltage or current ranges- a 0-60 VDC or a 0-6 A. The low frequency operation allows for a lower overall power consumption, resulting in a longer lifespan. The device is equipped with an advanced safety system, which prevents accidental overvoltage, overcurrent, and over temperature. The device is safe for use in hazardous or explosive environments, and its sturdy aluminum construction offers superior mechanical strength and protection against shock and environmental damage. 495 also comes with a test switch for easy testing, and all the edges are deburred and radiused for decreased contact resistance and improved operator safety. All in all, ISCO 495 is a premium device for expandable power solutions. Thanks to its many features, it offers a spacious and fast solution to a wide range of applications, including research, field engineering, and process control. The device's wide range of digital and analog inputs provides users with a versatile tool to meet their precision needs.
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