Used JEOL JST-16F #9158364 for sale

ID: 9158364
Electron beam power supply.
JEOL JST-16F power supply is a high-performance device designed for use in demanding laboratory applications. It is capable of providing a wide range of precise voltage and current outputs, making it suitable for use in applications such as testing and prototyping of electronic circuits. JST-16F is a single output DC power supply which is adjustable from 0 to 16V, with maximum current of 16A. It features an overvoltage and overcurrent protection, which ensures reliable and safe operation. The user interface of JEOL JST-16F includes a highly intuitive LCD display, which makes it easy to access and control the output. It also offers an array of features and functions which allow users to precisely adjust and monitor the output. It features a digital voltage/current meter with 0.1V/1mA resolution, which enables accurate voltage and current measurements. Additionally, the power supply is equipped with two independent channels which can be connected in parallel or in series and allows users to program up to twenty user-defined setting programs. JST-16F is equipped with a variety of safety features which are designed to protect both the user and the equipment from damages caused by overloads or short circuits. It features an overvoltage protection, a overcurrent protection, a short-circuit protection, as well as a temperature protection which prevents the power supply from overheating due to prolonged operation. Additionally, the power supply is designed to operate quietly and efficiently, which allows users to conveniently use it without unnecessary noises. Overall, JEOL JST-16F power supply is a reliable and robust device which delivers precise and reliable output for many laboratory applications. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features and safety protections make it an ideal choice for testing and prototyping of electronic circuits. Combined with its affordability, this power supply is an excellent choice for laboratory operations.
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