Used KEITHLEY 2306 #9179604 for sale

ID: 9179604
Power supply.
KEITHLEY 2306 is a high performance DC power supply designed to provide reliable, accurate, and precise power sources for a wide variety of applications and systems. This 3U-high power supply is capable of providing up to 300W of power with single and multiple output voltages greater than 100V, up to 10A, with a step resolution of up to 10µV. 2306 is designed with an optimized dynamic response, allowing for fast operation and high efficiency. KEITHLEY 2306 boasts a number of innovative features, including high resolution LCD displays, analog and digital control inputs, and a built-in programming environment. Its digital control section provides precise voltage and current measurement, as well as current limit control, over and under-voltage protection, and programming of a wide range of special functions. The voltage setting is read in a single parameter, and the current limit is set in another one, with both shown simultaneously. 2306 also features a number of useful indicators and measuring tools, including an open loop voltage indicator, an output voltage adjustment system, an output current adjustment system, an over temperature warning indicator, an over current warning indicator, and an input voltage check indicator. Additionally, KEITHLEY 2306 has an internal cooling fan for improved reliability in high-temperature environments. Among its many advanced features, 2306 also offers a range of trip protection options, including a low-voltage ground fault, over-temperature cut-off, and high voltage transient protection. These safety systems are designed to ensure smooth operation in any situation, which is why KEITHLEY 2306 is trusted by a large number of laboratories, universities, and research institutions. 2306 is a superior power supply that offers exceptional accuracy and reliability, thanks to its optimized dynamic response, wide voltage range, and advanced safety features. Its sophisticated design, complex control system, and low-profile form factor make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
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